New Year, New You, New Trends

With bright colors, velvet and floral prints in style, the trends of today may make people believe they’re reliving the 1970s.

“A little bit of the 70s I think are coming back because now [designers are] mixing two patterns together, and that’s 70ish,” said Laura Sivert, Sharon J’s Boutique Owner.

While 2018 fashion trends seem to blend 70’s styles, this year’s clothing also has its own design. Ultraviolet is Pantone’s Color of the Year and will be used heavily by designers, according to Absolutely You Boutique Owner Georgia Squillante.

“Originally Pantone was something painters used. If you went to Lowe’s or Home Depot they gave you that chart of colors and each year designers favor sort of one color group, and so this year it’s the ultraviolet,” Squillante said.

“Where maybe it was originally just in-home décor, now its filtered over to fashion.”

Steer head print will be big this year, according to Squillante. Sivert said bold colors and floral print are also in style.

Distressed velvet is continuing to be popular in the new year, even as small parts of clothing, Squillante said.

“Velvet is going forward, usually you’ll see it in spring and summer,” she said. “That will be going forward, you’ll even see T-shirts with just a little detail on them, maybe a pocket.”

Both boutique owners said cold shoulder shirts will be popular this year. Sivert said knotted shirts will also be popular.

This year’s looks are more of a feminine design with lace being included in more articles of clothing.

“Kind of hand-in-hand with the velvet, lace is going forward in a big way,” Squillante said.

Peasant skirts are coming back into boutiques. According to Squillante, those skirts can be paired with tank tops and a funky necklace for a look with a twist.

Rugged and roll up blue jeans and capris will also be big this year, Sivert said.

In terms of footwear, tennis shoes are starting off on the right foot for 2018.

“Tennis shoes that are sparkly are going to be big this year,” Sivert said. “I think tennis shoes are probably going to make a comeback, like the solid color ones.”

Embroidered shoes and booties will also be common.

“The embroidered little booties are going forward,” Squillante said.

“Some for spring might be open toed.”

For accessories, crystal and beads will still be big this year and can be mixed with tassels and pompoms, Squillante said. Dainty layer necklaces will also make a statement.

“They’re delicate, but because there’s so many attached on one necklace, it still pops because you have the multiple layers,” Squillante said.

Leather jewelry and anything with a cross or scripture on it is also in style, Sivert said. Rose gold and bangles are continuing to stay in style this year.

Mixing metals is also acceptable in today’s fashion.

“You couldn’t do that (years ago). You could only wear silver or you could only wear gold, now you mix it up a bit,” Sivert said. “That’s like you don’t put pattern and stripes together, but now you do that.”

As for purses, cross body bags are in style along with wearing fanny packs cross body style, according to Squillante.

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